Stop Wasting Money And Start Investing Your Profits


The stock market and anyone with retirement assets in stock funds have had a difficult year. That is why you should think about earning 4% to 9% on your money right now.

This year's stock market feels like a horrible roller coaster ride. Then look at the formerly uninteresting treasury securities because of the increase in interest rates.

  • Two-year treasury bills are now paying 4%
  • While Series I savings bonds are paying 9%!
These formally unloved bonds are soaring in popularity because they are indexed for inflation. You can put up to $10,000 in them, per person.

They do come with a few catches
  • You can’t cash them before one year is up
  • If you sell before five years, you lose two months’ interest.
  • If inflation drops to three, your bond will readjust down to 3% However, that is still not bad.
T-bills and Series I bonds are available on the government's website, Treasury Direct. However, according to the doesn't that stink file, your bank isn't offering significantly higher savings rates.

According to, the majority of big banks still pay less than 1% for savings accounts and money markets, which is terrible  Online banking or CDs yielding roughly 2% are your best bets. However, US Treasury bonds remain superior.

The payoff on these bonds will decline when inflation and interest rates ultimately fall. But, for the time being, they are the greatest value in town, and you are not wasting your money.

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